Personal Project: Destination Unknown Festival
Year: 2020
Full Event Branding

Due to the impossibility of socializing in any form throughout the global pandemic of 2020, the world has been imagining and dreaming of the first and best social event to attend once we are allowed to reduce that social distance that separates us all.  

'Destination Unknown' is a personal project I designed to stay busy and distracted during lockdown and acts as a fictitious festival centred around the unknown: unknown location and unknown date, the unknown that has been surrounding the world since the dawn of COVID-19. I translated this into the entire branding of the festival which is based entirely around the notion that the world remains unsure of the possibility of socializing again. 

The vibrant, intensely hued tones of the branding aims to excite and provide a positive aesthetic for the festival-goer whose sole desire is to live, laugh and dance again with their friends and other festival attendees.

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